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<<"The silence at the beginning of the first track arrived on ECM  CDs in
1992, courtesy of Karlheinz Stockhausen. When we sent him the  first
test-CDs of his "Michaels Reise" he complained that he didn't  have
enough time, after pressing the 'play' button, to get to his  favourite
armchair before the music started. Thinking about it, we felt he  had a
point, that the listener should at least have time to take a breath  and
get ready for the journey into the music...      

The preparatory silence has been part of the discs ever  since.">>

now absolutely everything seems to come with a remote. the $15 two-speed  fan 
i bought even came with a remote. of course, most people might need the  
extra moment of silence to figure out which of their numerous remotes goes with  
the cd player, but that's another story.

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