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Thomas M "Biz" Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Sat Aug 5 16:24:23 EDT 2006


90.7 FM  Traverse City Michigan
                                   Servin' up a 
Steamin' Plate o' Jazz and Other Fine Victuals
                                   Covering the 5 
County Area of Northwest Lower Michigan
as Michigan's Gold Coast)
39 years of Community Public Radio


                                 Main Jazz 
Rotation ADDS & ARCHIVES for August 4th, 2006

**  "Album"  **  (Label)]


     CARIBBEAN JAZZ PROJECT    **    "Mosaic"    **    (Concord Picante/CMG)
QUINTET    **    "Brasilianos"    **    (Adventure Music)
     JOE LOVANO ENSEMBLE   **   "Streams of Expression"   **   (Blue Note/EMI)
     MONGUITO SANTAMARIA   **   "Blackout"   **   (Fania)
     DANIEL SANTIAGO     **     "On the Way"     **     (Adventure Music)
     MIKE STERN     **     "Who Let the Cats Out?"     **     (Heads Up)
     TANIA MARIA     **     "Intimidade"     **     (Blue Note/EMI)
QUARTET     **     "Political Blues"     **     (Justin Time)


     FAHIR ATAKOGLU     **     "If"     **     (<www.fahiratakoglu.com>)
     CHRISTIAN FABIAN     **     "Across Time"     **     (CAP)
     THE SAI GHOSE QUARTET     **     "New Blood"     **     (Summit)
     NILS LANDGREN & JOE SAMPLE    **    "Creole 
Love Call"    **    (Act Music/HighNote)
     CHARLES LLOYD     **     "Sangam"     **     (ECM)
     PAPA GROWS FUNK     **     "Live at the Leaf"     **     (Funky Krewe)
BAND     **     "Songlines"     **     (Columbia/Sony/BMG)
     ADAM UNSWORTH     **     "Excerpt 
This!"     **     (<www.adamunsworth.com>)

	                               Most of the music 
we play is available through
                                     a link on 
our website to CD Universe or from CD Baby

Weekly top 10 jazz, 5 jazz adds, top 10 world & 5 
world adds are available at College Music 
Journal's website. We report our top 25 blues 
spins to 'Living Blues' magazine. Our folk spins 
& occasionally our jazz spins are reported to 
Roots Music Report's website. I apologize for 
any  s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s  in keeping up with tracking 
information &/or adds. It's a semi-shared task and always a work in progress.

If you'd like to be taken off this list, just 
drop me a line......(if you'd like to be on it, I 
guess I'll have to figure that out my own self!)

Have a GREAT week all!


53 hours of Jazz per week (with a bit of 
blues-folk-world/international in the 
mix)  ***  9 hours of Blues  ***  6 hours of 
Folk  ***  6 hours of combined 
Blues/Folk/Roots  ***  6 hours of 
World/International Music  ***  A 3 hour 
Avant-Garde Jazz Show  ***  A 3 hour 
Dance/Electronica Show  ***  A 2 hour Alt-Country 
Show  ***  A  2 hour Funk/Soul Show  ***  A 2 
hour of New Age Show  ***  A 2 hour each weekday 
morning News-Topical-Community drive time Show 
(with a bit of music in the mix)  ***  A 2 hour 
Spanish/Latin Show  **  A 2 hour Reggae 
Show  ***  A 1½ hour 'Live' Show  ***  The best 
of Indie-Alt-Cutting Edge Rock filling out the weekly schedule


      Eric Hines, general manager/music director: <ehines at message.nmc.edu>
      Tom "Biz" Bisard, jazz director: 1: 
<mrbiz at torchlake.com> or 2: <TBisard at message.nmc.edu>
      Jen Medlin-Lloyd, avant-garde jazz & 
alt-country director: <JEmedlin at message.nmc.edu>
      Linnaea Melcarek, world/international 
director: <LMelcarek at message.nmc.edu>
      Leroy Alvarez, blues director: <lalvarez at message.nmc.edu>
      Bob Brown, folk/roots director: <folkbob60 at yahoo.com>
      David McArthur, new age director: <cdbirdee at yahoo.com>
      Michael Lloyd, rock director: <MLloyd at message.nmc.edu>
      David King, electronic director: <Mking at message.nmc.edu>
      Marco Dedenbach, reggae director: <rasmarco at aol.com>

Office: (231) 995-2562  *  Music Directors: (231) 
995-1091  *  Studio Request Line: (231) 995-1090

any of our music directors
E. Front St.
City MI 49686


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