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Still Another Jazz Show July 31

HANK JONES     “Pauletta”   “Sophisticated Lady”  
“Johnny Come Lately”
FOR MY FATHER    Justin Time Records

MARK ELF   “Chuy's Challenge”   LIFTOFF     Jen Bay

Close For Comfort” with Dianne Reeves   “Play That
Funky Music” with David Sanborn
THE PHAT PACK      Immergent Records

ERIN McDOUGALD     “Slow Boat To China”    MEETING
PLACE      Flapper Girl Records

HOT CLUB OF DETROIT     “Believable”   “Honeysuckle
Rose”    Mack Avenue Records

ERIC REED    “Stablemates”   “Why?”   “26-2”    HERE  

KARRIN ALLYSON  “Life Is A Groove(Jordu)”    
FOOTPRINTS      Concord Jazz

WYCLIFFE GORDON        “Yaht Doo Daht Ditt”     CONE'S
COUP  Criss Cross Jazz

me “     (Inutil Pasaigem)     LIVE AT THE JAZZ

DR. LONNIE SMITH      “Simone”   “Willow Weep For Me” 
Palmetto Records

Justin Time Records

We begin things or 'thangs,' whatever the jazz
vernacular with the grand master, potentate of the
piano, HANK JONES who's celebrating his 88 years on
this star, this beautiful place we call earth.
Maybe there's a lesson here for all of us and that is,
 work your ax with love and respect and the rest is
In fact, as all Leos know, this should be Hank Jones,
birthday week.
Mine starts on August 13,  the same as George
And when you have a cd titled  FOR MY FATHER, you know
it's very personal. There are references to Duke
Ellington, Billy Strayhorn,  Thelonius, fellow
Detroiter Milt Jackson. 
It's all in there with the music improv and others,
mindful of free association with adjacent  jams, a
family tree of jazz. We played Al Foster's “Pauletta,”
Ellington's “Sophisticated Lady” and Strayhorn's
“Johnny Come Lately.”
Let me say this about Jones...
I'm euphoric about this CD, “For My Father.” It 's one
of my favorites.  You're part of very personal
message. Wonder if Dad liked Strayhorn, Ellington and
the quirky grandeur of Monk, close and personal with
Milt Jackson, fellow Detroiter.  Hank Jones has a
tendency to get into a song and letting you in on the
warmth, as though your having coffee with the family
at the kitchen table. After all this is family.
Talking to a friend about reading,  he said, “When I
read a book I try to know much about the writer...
So for the reader there are unsuspected meanderings, 
the mark of the writer. It's always good to know a
little about the writer.  It goes for jazz musicians
as well.
Hank Jones lets you in on his secret. His love for the
music. Happy birthday Hank Jones.
MARK ELF concludes this segment from his new cd, 
LIFTOFF.  We played a bop/afro/ Latin jam, “Choy's
Challenge” with Daniel Sadownick added for added
percussion. It  has that Grant Green/Ray Barretto
signature on it.  You want at least ten more minutes
of this especially with David Haseltine, Mark Elf and
Sadownick stretching it out a little more.
GORDON GOODWIN begins the second segment of SAJS with
When I first saw the jewel box cover, I thought: 
“It's, It's , the reincarnation of Kay Kaiser! Or
could it be Charlie Barnet? The white dinner jacket
fooled me. Do these guys play society balls on Palm
Beach, I pondered ?
Then I listened and the music jumps right out  at you
with “Cut 'n Run” and grabs hold of you 'right off the
bat!' Then “Too Close For Comfort” with Dianne Reeves
really seduces you.   Curiously we played “Played That
Funky Music” with David Sanborn.  Ain't nothin like
“Wild Cherry.”
Goodwin's writing and orchestration is excellent,
refreshed with style, mixed with bombast and dynamism.
It has pop and humor with “Hunting Wabbits 2(A Bad
Hare Day,) indicating Goodwin has doen this thing
before. In the Movies? The charts are incredible.  
Th-Th-that's not all folks!!!!
I haven' t seen the DVD yet. I'm sure it's impressive.
I have a request. Come on guys, play “Clap Hands Here
Comes Charlie!”
ERIN McDOUGALD's new Cd MEETING PLACE is next with a
catchy scatty reframing of  Frank Loesser's “Slo Boat
To China” arranged by Erin and Greg Wyser-Pratte. The
band plays big on this with Dan Cray, piano, Clark
Sommers, bass and  Greg Wyser-Pratte drums.  I most
certainly am dusting off those jitterbug :78's when I
hear this with noir visions of the Nichols Brothers,
Ella and Benny Goodwin sextet. Erin tempo and phrasing
here is impeccible. The trio is hot, if you excuse the
expression, Erin McDougald and the Dan Cray trio are
the toast of the town, bringing elangance and swing
back in the picture.   You can't help but regail on
this young lady's artistry , sophistication and spunk
as a fast rising jazz singer. 
Here I'm reporting from Sacramento about a young jazz
singer in Chicago. I know what I hear. Dan Cray trio,
without question, has been on my radar screen for a
couple of years. Erin McDougald came to my attention a
year or so ago with her blujazz recording, “The Auburn
Collection.” I knew then there was something special
about this vocalist. 
It's late now as I'm writing this and I'm listening to
this cd again with a glass of Merlot (which is good by
the way with a hand full of semi sweet chocolate
chips, ) not tonight however, because I'm into this
new MEETING PLACE, for Erin's special, not overboard
or forced. You can always tell...She has a high end
Celtic range and like Mel Torme, almost perfect pitch.
And when you hear her original, “Meeting Place,”
you're enthralled, then the next “Lullaby Of the
Leaves,” you are a devotee, in joyful  tears of then
and other selections, Axel Rose “Sweet Child Of Mne,”
reaffirmation of Nat King Cole's “That Sunday, That
Summer,”a seductive reportage of “Spring Is Here,” a
sultry smokey version of “What's New” with Erin and
Clark Sommers on bass, then an Oscar Wilde
interpretation of her original,  satirical “Sing Me
The Blues.” There are others, Bob Dorough's “Small Day
Tomorrow” and the wondrous  savoy version of “I'm The
Girl.”  Reedist Geoff Bradfield adds to it on several
songs here. 
It's as though you are in Chicago at the Pump Room and
you enjoying an evening with this group. No gimmicks,
straight ahead. No over production. 
If they take the Il De France out on a cruise to
Paris. Erin McDougald and the Dan Cray trio should be
performing in the main room. And you just may see
Salvador Dali and F Scott Fitsgerald drinking
champaigne on deck in their their evening clothes
listening to this marvelous group, for they know, like
Helen Of Troy, Erin McDougald has the voice to launch
a thousand ships!
HOT CLUB OF DETROIT conclude this segment with their
new cd. Inspired by du Quintette du Hot Club du France
with Django Reinhardt, guitarist and Stephan
this young band will enamor you with their
speed,dexterity, flavor and attentiveness for the
steamy chaotic turmoil of the thirties  inspiring this
music. ( I feel the presence of Jean Paul Satre and
Vichy France.) We played Djanto Reinhardt's
“Belleville” and Fats Waller's “Honeysuckle Rose.”
Guitarist Evan Perri, clarentist, Dave Bennett and
Julien Labro on button accordian really stand out on
this recording.   If I were to do a video on this
group, Jo Ann Baker would have to be there somewhere,
dancing on screen. What a visual statement!  Then the
melancholy “Nuanges.” Merci, du hot club du Detroit!
ERIC REED starts the second hour of SASJ with his new
cd, HERE.  Reed is a good hard bop player in the style
of Sonny Clark, Carl Perkins, Wynton Kelly, Kenny
Drew, Junior Mance. If you've heard that trio album
“Money Jungle” with Ellington, Mingus and Roach,
especially on Reed's tribute to Herbie Nichols, on
“I.C.H.N..” His runs are nic, easygoing yet definitive
and downright funky at times, especiallyu on this
tune. We played Benny Golson's, “Stablemates, “an
original, “Why?” and Coltranes '26-2.” He lets the
rhythmn section of Rodney Whitaker, bass and Willie
Jones III, leaving ample space to do their thing. It
must be a really be a joy  playing with this  young
KARRIN ALLYSON is next with her new FOOTPRINTS cd. 
Karrin sings tandem with Nancy King on Duke Jordan's,
“Jordu.”  She also wrote the lyrics on this version
with ample room for Bruce Barth's piano, Peter
Washington's bass and Todd Strait on drums. This whole
cd is tasteful with a post modern elegance, Chris
Caswell's  exceptional lyricism refreshing some
classic bop tunes, precious jazz vocalist Nancy King
and jazz legend Jon Hendricks grace a few others.  As
always Allison's phrasing  is center stage, as in
Oscar Brown's  “But I Was Cool.”All aboard, this is a
great cd!
Trombonist WYCLIFFE GORDON  closes this segment with
his latest on Criss Cross Jazz, titled, CONE'S COUP. 
Although his hometown is Atlanta he has an affinity
for  the great Crescent City humor and style as this
cd has a similar spirit, repor with New Orleans.   The
blues is nice and sweet, nothing fancy straight ahead
and fun with “Sweet Spot.”  We played “Yaht Doo Daht
Ditt,” with a strong solo from young Stacy Dillard on
tenor saxophone, a funky piano run by Johnny O'Neal,
reminescent of the late John Hicks. And with New
Orleans, Reginald Veal bass and Herlin Riley, drums,
you got yourself a solid foundation, joy and love for
the birthplace, heaped in the joy of post  bebopn
around.  There's no love lost memorium for this
emporium  is celebrating varying nuance of the
evolving life style.
NANCY KING begins the last segment from her new cd,
Originally San Francisco and gigged with the more
progressive, Pharoah Sanders, Pony Poindexter and
other assorted, she has a solid rep as an adventurous
jazz vocalist. She has resettled to, we think,
Portland Oregon. And this cd is a terrific
introduction to her skills as a jazz singer as you'll
note from this fine cd with the exceptional repertoire
of Manhattan pianist Fred Hersch. Actually Fred  is
known world wide as a brilliant pianist, therefore
this project is in excellent hands.   We played  “If
You Never Come To Me,” (Inutil Pasaigem). Her phrasing
on this is that of a musician who starts this
remarkable journey in a Chet Baker tone and takes it
way beyond,  very open, extemporaneous  and relaxed
and very apparent throughout.  Nancy King is most
certainly an original as you'll  recognize.  This is
the kind that'll certainly become a collectors item,
so buy one copy and leave it sealed and play the other
copy until dawn.   
Dr  LONNIE SMITH follows with a new cd, JUNGLE SOUL.
Lonnie Smith takes it nice and slow, building on a
basic theme, exploring all avenues the a crescendo.
Attention: You may not be able to keep your seats! 
This warning will not appear again.
For Lonnie Smith's dynamic tension builds to a funk
euphoria.   We played “Simone,” a slow 3/4 catchy
thing. Drummer Allison Miller lays a foundation with
Peter Bernbstein on guitar sounding like Grant Green, 
and Lonnie Smith carries it along until so darn funky
euphorically can't stand yourself!   Ain't it great!
This is the kind of stuff we'd be playing on a
Saturday Night. Then a very nice and funky version,
ass he starts on the low ends  of “Willow Weep For
Me.” This is so good that Mat Balistaris couldn't keep
his groove shut, opened his guitar case, pulled out
the Gibson and jammed alongside.   What a drive along
the bay.  In September, it'll be the good doctor by
the Monterey Bay at the Monterey Jazz Festival and the
folks will not... I repeat...WILL NOT  keep their
new POLITICAL BLUES.   A Berkeley native and well
schooled in R&B, bop in his early years, David Murray
has since evolved into a saxophone monster, combining
avant gard with mainstream. His writing is incredible.
Check out the David Murray Afro Cuban band, recorded
in Havana. This current cd reminds me of the sixties
where rage in the music was the rage. Come on ,wake up
people, there's something happenin here. We played
“Blue Diamond” a roaring R&B tune with Jamaaladeen
Tacuma playig some great electric bass and David
Murray and Bluett on baritone sax. For this is the
real R&B post modern, snaky- strong and cool.
Bye for now!

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