[JPL] Walter Becker blindfold

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Wed Aug 9 13:53:50 EDT 2006

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jaejazz at yahoo.com writes:

<<..I would also expect someone like him to dis the soprano but true  jazz 
folk? I guess Trane, Garrett, Marsalis, Liebman, Shorter, Wilson, Potter,  
Cannon, Roscoe Mitchell, Joshua Redman, etc.....were all just wasting their  time 
and playing noise on this crappy stick figure of metal. I think  not..>>
Few of these players used the soprano primarily, it came into their  
repertoire only when the musical composition was appropriate. Even Kenton used a  
soprano once or twice, on some great Gene Roland numbers. It can fit, but aside  
from Dave Liebman, the names you cite are reedmen who primarily use "real"  


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