[JPL] Walter Becker blindfold

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Wed Aug 9 15:06:02 EDT 2006

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<<..Not liking the instrument as a personal preference is one  thing but to 
imply it has no value in this music........  >>
I wasn't as serious as might have appeared. But it does seem to be true  that 
soprano sax has a greater difficulty finding its place in Jazz than most  
other reed instruments. Most instrumentalists choose a primary instrument and  
than a distant second. Almost none (Liebman the seeming exception on the current 
 scene) have made a stand with the soprano as their primary instrument. There 
 must be a reason.
I confess that soprano is my least favorite of instruments that appear  
within the Jazz context, though I cited some positive examples. Tongue was  firmly 
implanted in cheek when I referred to soprano versus "real"  instruments...I 
should have added an emoticon.


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