[JPL] Walter Becker blindfold

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Wed Aug 9 15:20:22 EDT 2006

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<<..I'm not sure what the point is that you are trying to make. I  don't 
think that 
because someone plays the tenor more than they play the  soprano that their 
soprano playing has less validity, if that's the point  you are making. Okay, 
it wasn't their primary instrument. Why is that  important?..>>
Your entire post was well-reasoned, Eric, thanks for putting my feet to the  
fire, especially as regards the early players. After hearing something by  
Bechet, I seem to find myself saying "...and that was a soprano." What he  was 
playing was well-suited to the instrument, and perhaps I've heard too much  in 
recent years that didn't seem so well-suited.
My point about the soprano being a distant second choice for so many  
performers revolved around the belief that there must be a reason that they have  
made this choice. I believe the soprano "sounds" less-suited to this medium than  
other reed instruments.
Your attitude about screening for personal preferences is certainly  
I never said, nor do I think I implied, that someone's playing on soprano  
saxophone had less validity than on other instruments. I just think this  
instrument is a more difficult fit in Jazz, and many (if not most) alto,  tenor, and 
bari players recognize that fact; either that, or they recognize that  the 
audiences might go nuts (or go away) if they only played soprano.

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