[JPL] soprano respect

OntheBeach at aol.com OntheBeach at aol.com
Wed Aug 9 15:33:24 EDT 2006

EdBride at aol.com writes:

I just  think this  
instrument is a more difficult fit in Jazz, and many (if  not most) alto,  
tenor, and 
bari players recognize that fact; either  that, or they recognize that  the 
audiences might go nuts (or go  away) if they only played soprano.

actually, i think it has more to do with the difficulty in mastering this  
when you see an artist who has command over the soprano, you're looking at  a 
saxophone master
to borrow from your post "many (if not most) alto, tenor and bari players  
the soprano is one difficult instrument to master.  the clarinet is no  
picnic either or we'd hear many more players utilize this wonderful instrument.  
[think Goodman, Batiste, Dolphy, Maupin et al]
immediately Coltrane and Shorter come to mind (personal bias  again). 
think of the many excellent horn players who never played soprano...or very  
ed--there is some spectacular music out there you are missing if you dont  
the straight horn!
ricky schultz

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