[JPL] SAX Heritage/Walter Becker blindfold

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Hmmmm, I think we're finally getting to the point. I guess because each comment was accompanied by a joke and knowing that both Walter and Donald like to plant tongue firmly in cheek (as Ricky and Rick have finally pointed out) , it was hard for me to really take the comments too seriously. As a mtter of fact my wife and I have used the premature ejaculation joke in the past referring to my distinct dislike for gratuiitous drum solos (actually both jokes have been around for a while in one variation or another) . She likes to tease me at  Live shows  by pulling out an imaginary remote and clicking the next track during long drum solos because that's how I listen at home.

Now I gotta get back to my Algebra and quadratic equations

Jeff Turton
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> it should not be overlooked that mr. becker (along with mssr. fagen) has  
> demonstrated a preference for tenor players [and always employed outstanding  
> ones on their recordings]; is a master of irony, sarcasm and self  effacement.  
> this is one very smart (and frequently smart-assed)  musician/artist.  he did 
> after all title his first solo LP "12 Tracks of  Whack"
> never forget that becker and fagen can frequently be found with tobgue  
> squarely planted in cheek. ..
> without question this extends to drummers: Steely Dan always used the best  
> of the best
> i found walter's blindfold very entertaining.  let us not forget  Steely Dan 
> probably did more to create recognition for jazz and jazz musicians  than any 
> "pop" group ever.  Becker & Fagan's respect for jazz is  obvious. 
> okay--my bias should be revealed here: Weather Report and Steely Dan were  my 
> two favorite groups during my radio days in the 70s...and remain all these  
> years later right up there with the all-time greats.
> ...don't take me alive...i still haven't lost that number
> ricky schultz  

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