[JPL] Drum solos - Jeff Turton posting

Len Dobbin lendobbin at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 9 16:38:52 EDT 2006

I had a friend who swore there was a Jazz at the Philharmonic rule book that 
stated that if you applauded after each four bar break you would be rewarded 
with an extended drum solo - it also (he claimed) taught you how to pat your 
feet without moving your shoes.  At a JATP concert we tried applauding at 
bar nine of a 16 bar solo and sure enough the audience followed suit. 
Repeating a phrase over and over also guarantees applause.  I often also 
wonder why people applaud when they recognize the melody of the tune - are 
they patting themselves on the back for their astuteness.   Speaking of 
astute how many have noticed that there are no guitar players in the "Great 
Day in Harlem" photo?

lendobbin at sympatico.ca

As a matter of fact my wife and I have used the premature ejaculation joke 
in the past referring to my distinct dislike for gratuiitous drum solos 
(actually both jokes have been around for a while in one variation or 
another) . She likes to tease me at  Live shows  by pulling out an imaginary 
remote and clicking the next track during long drum solos because that's how 
I listen at home.

> Jeff Turton
> WFNX Jazz Brunch

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