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Jeff Duperon mrjazzjr at sprintmail.com
Thu Aug 10 16:51:10 EDT 2006


WRTI considers 12 hours of Jazz (6PM-6AM) week nights as more than just
overnight.  However, I acknowledge your point.  

WPRB, a commercial, non-profit radio station located in Princeton, New
Jersey, operated by the students of Princeton University, offers the only
Jazz programming during the day from 11AM -1PM.  The program airs on Sun.,
Mon., Thurs. and Friday. 

WPRB's broadcast range stretches from the outskirts of New York, NY through
Philadelphia, PA and into Wilmington, DE which, combined with 30,000 watts
of stereo power, makes the station one of the world's strongest college
radio stations.

The "Jazz Rules" comment was not meant to be considered a slogan for WRTI or
Philadelphia for that matter.  The point was simply, "Real Jazz" is now the
only Jazz on radio in the Philadelphia market.  Hopefully, in the near
future, we will split our signal and broadcast "Real Jazz" in HD 24 hours
per day.


Jeff Duperon

mrjazzjr at sprintmail.com

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Since there is no instrumental and vocal adult music aka smooth radio outlet
in the City of Brotherly Love anymore, to the best of my knowledge this
leaves Philly with only overnight jazz on WRTI. Are there any college,
public or community radio stations playing jazz during the day?

I don't accept the "jazz rules" slogan for a city that does not have any
daytime radio jazz, despite what the other format has or does not have on
the radio at any time, in particular in Philadelphia that is one of the most
productive jazz cities of all time.


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