[JPL] SAX Heritage/Walter Becker blindfold

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Damn.  That Ricky Schultz is one of the few people who still makes me
miss radio occasionally . . .

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-- OntheBeach at aol.com wrote:

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eric jackson makes an excellent point.  both soprano sax [and 
clarinet] had 
mighty influences on the development of saxophone playing and  major 
there exists for just one example, an unmistakable linkage between   the 
soprano of sidnet bechet to the clarinet of alvin batiste with the
(tenor  and) 
soprano of john coltrane.
it should not be overlooked that mr. becker (along with mssr. fagen) has  
demonstrated a preference for tenor players [and always employed
ones on their recordings]; is a master of irony, sarcasm and self 
this is one very smart (and frequently smart-assed)  musician/artist. 
he did 
after all title his first solo LP "12 Tracks of  Whack"
never forget that becker and fagen can frequently be found with tobgue  
squarely planted in cheek. ..
without question this extends to drummers: Steely Dan always used the
of the best
i found walter's blindfold very entertaining.  let us not forget 
Steely Dan 
probably did more to create recognition for jazz and jazz musicians 
than any 
"pop" group ever.  Becker & Fagan's respect for jazz is  obvious. 
okay--my bias should be revealed here: Weather Report and Steely Dan
were  my 
two favorite groups during my radio days in the 70s...and remain all
years later right up there with the all-time greats.
...don't take me alive...i still haven't lost that number
ricky schultz  

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