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Thanks for your email.

Yes, it's very obvious to me that jazz radio as we know it, has been headed 
for the boneyard for years.  Personally I am very pleased to know that it 
has finally come to this, as it allows(some would say forces) people to 
finally rethink how to present this music.  A lot of jazz radio sounds 
pretty tired to me -- not the music, just the presentation.

That's very exciting, as I have a few ideas and no one can say they have 
demonstrably better ones.  They don't.  I feel that the present situation in 
jazz radio  presents anyone with fresh ideas, a little moxie and some 
energy, a unique  opportunity to help get jazz radio out of its 
self-inflicted ghetto. This would result in something that would be much 
more helpful to the music itself and to the people who play it.

I'm delighted to acknowedge the problems that are present in jazz radio. The 
Firesign Theater, an improvisational comedy group in LA, had an album out 
years ago that was called, "Everything You Know Is Wrong."  It's like that, 
and how cool is that?

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>Roundtable: The Future of Jazz Radio
>News & Notes with Ed Gordon, August 10, 2006 · Some experts say the
>jazz radio format is in crisis. Some of the few stations devoted to
>jazz may soon change format. Guests: Suzan Jenkins, president of Jazz
>Alliance International, an industry group; Tom Thomas, president of
>the public radio research firm Station Resource Group; and Don
>Heckman, jazz critic for the Los Angeles Times.

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