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Jazz Fest soldiers on
Aug 9, 2006 04:31 PM EDT
<http://www.wthr.com/global/Story.asp?s=1638707>Mary Milz/CityBeat

Indianapolis - The Indy Jazz Fest will go on, despite low attendance and 
taking a monetary hit. There were questions about the festival's future 
after a sponsor pulled out.

Herbie Hancock was a big hit at this year's Jazz Fest, but the event played 
to its smallest crowds yet. Organizers blamed bad weather on paltry 
attendance of 14,000.

Helen Small, president of the American Pianist Association says so far, the 
losses tally $10,000, a big hit for a small non-profit with just six 
employees. Still she says the show will go on.

"We're definitely doing Jazz Fest next year," Small said.

There won't be any major changes. "I anticipate we will still have a 
three-day event in Military Park on Father's Day weekend, God willing, with 
good weather," she said.

The Jazz Kitchen's Judy Kirkwood calls jazz fest great for the city, 
important to its jazz legacy. "The Jazz kitchen is great if you're over 21 
but there are jazz babies out there and there's no better way to continue 
that legacy than expose young ones to that genre," she said.

Still, Jazz fest attendance has dropped every year since its start in 1999. 
Washed out the following year, it sank nearly $1 million in the red before 
the American Pianists Association took it over in 2003. They signed on 
corporate sponsors to pay for the event, hoping to use ticket sales as a 

Determined to see Jazz Fest succeed, Small says next year she'll aim for 
15,000 to 20,000 people, hoping to get beyond the hardcore fans.

"Classical piano and jazz are both art forms not supported by the masses, 
unfortunately. What we're trying to do is keep our market share," Small said.

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