[JPL] future of jazz radio

B.H. Hudson bhhudson at nccu.edu
Fri Aug 11 10:13:20 EDT 2006

interesting segment on ed gordon show. thanks for the link to it, bobby. 
from that show, sounds like mainstream jazz radio is a stable, reliable format for public radio. the study of jazz audiences done by walrus research gives an even more detailed look at who listens to jazz on terrestrial radio. shaunna morrison and i have been talking about this study for quite some time. for anyone who hasn't looked at that study, i found it pretty interesting reading. so is the latest, Audience 2010. 
that jazz is often relegated to off listening hours seems to never be discussed much, including the ed gordon piece. that can really skew things by making it appear that jazz radio is in trouble. it's not in trouble, just on the air when there is a small audience for any kind of radio.
here at WNCU, our daypart jazz is all mainstream, has always been a steady source of membership income, and has consistent audience numbers over the years. was glad to hear the ed gordon piece say that the "smooth" audience does not come to jazz radio per se. totally different listener behavior, etc. 
smooth and mainstream together pleases no one was a good point to make. that has been the case at WNCU. we used to play a blend and the audience consistently complained. when the format changed to all mainstream, we saw a steady increase in listenership and memberships. which continues to rise.
those of us who do jazz at WNCU feel enormous pride that we play mainstream and are grateful that our community continues to support us. allows us to play jazz for more hours than most stations.
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