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I'm responding to your gracious feedback on my comments in today's JPL. Yes, 
I am somewhat familiar with your core views re: jazz radio and I share them.

I've been thinking lately about a post you made several months ago regarding 
the fact that during a fundraiser your jazz program actually bested the NPR 
news programming on your station.  I'd like to follow up on that because, as 
you know, we've been exposed to very few jazz radio success stories recently 
and when there are success stories such as yours, they need to be followed 
up on, studied and amplified among us.  I was a little surprised that no one 
had pursued the subject with you, but I probably should have done so at the 
time myself.

Perhaps you could elaborate a little about what you did that resulted in 
your success in out-pulling NPR for pledges.  Not just what you did, but the 
way you did it.  After all, it ain't what you do, it's the way  
that....well, you know.

Best regards,

Bob Rogers

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