[JPL] Crisis! What Crisis?

Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Fri Aug 11 13:27:42 EDT 2006

> and i'll say it again:  how about taking the gloves off at IAJE and
> addressing the real issues...
> Crisis! What Crisis?
> ricky schultz

You've said it many times, and I think it is disingenuous to say that  
this stuff is not discussed.

These topics were discussed at IAJE and have been discussed at even  
more length and with much greater depth each year at the JazzWeek  
Summits.  You may have missed some of the discussion while hosting  
the panel session on making mistakes.

Music selection and amount of play -- how many records and how many  
spins -- whether we are creating hits or not -- were discussed in  
great detail and with some pretty good interaction, even though IAJE  
committee folks and I believe you on this list said ahead of time  
that it was a lame topic.

So I guess I'm confused about why you keep suggesting these topics  
aren't addressed.

This year two of the three IAJE radio track sessions, which you are  
invited to attend to see for yourself, will cover this topic.  One  
will address the current actual and/or perceived crisis in jazz radio  
and another will discuss how we program, select and rotate music.

And anyone with input on this can contact me directly if they wish.   
Email is better because I get inundated with calls at times, but we  
can set up a time to speak.

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