[JPL] future of jazz radio

Eric Hines ehines at message.nmc.edu
Fri Aug 11 13:29:17 EDT 2006

interesting segment on ed gordon show. thanks for the link to it, bobby.

from that show, sounds like mainstream jazz radio is a stable, reliable
format for public radio. 

***The Important caveat here is IN BIG MARKETS, Top 30 or so is where
this seems to work. And I'm not at all sure that diagnosis incorporates
the latest numbers.****

the study of jazz audiences done by walrus research gives an even more
detailed look at who listens to jazz on terrestrial radio. shaunna
morrison and i have been talking about this study for quite some time.
for anyone who hasn't looked at that study, i found it pretty
interesting reading. so is the latest, Audience 2010. 

***Audience 2010 is looking to me VERY much like an extremely drawn out
CYA document. Walrus & ARA have never been more influential on
programming that they are right now, and important numbers are dipping.
WHY? One answer they don't seem willing to investigate is : "because so
many stupid programming decisions are being justified with the data and
analysis we provide."

CPB really ought to hire someone else to come in and look at these
numbers and offer a second opinon/analysis. The tone of this study just
seems to me to be self-serving to the nth degree--I've so far read
absolutely nothing in it that's new and helpful--just public radio
bromides about getting to know your listeners.***

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