[JPL] Crisis! What Crisis?

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Fri Aug 11 19:08:44 EDT 2006

ed, ed, ed!
hold on here fella...you do good work here and i realize you review a ton  of 
emails and postings...but take a moment to digest something you find  
provocative before you roar back in response....
and consider this: jazz needs more provocateurs.
_ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com_ (mailto:ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com)   writes:

You've  said it many times, and I think it is disingenuous to say that  
this  stuff is not discussed.
*disingenuous?  did i say it is NOT discussed?  i encourage  that it continue 
to be discussed.  one day you will look back on  decades of work and know 
that sometimes you have to say something many times to  create action...
there are some things that have been discussed, suggested and conjured  which 
have yet to yield fruit.  nearly 20 years i ago i delivered the  keynote at a 
JazzTimes convention and challenged the industry to create a  national 
association ala the Country Music Association.
the first go around wasn't successful. some ten years later bruce lundvall  
succeeded and now we have JAI.  a regional touring network? hasn't happened  

These  topics were discussed at IAJE and have been discussed at even more 
length  and with much greater depth each year at the  JazzWeek Summits. 
*please note my comments were only about the IAJE. 
i didn't comment on JazzWeek because i'm aware these topics get more time  
there.  as one of the people (one of) that has continually encouraged this  for 
some years from IAJE advisory committees and outside of same i am aware they  
were discussed at IAJE.

Music  selection and amount of play -- how many records and how many spins -- 
 whether we are creating hits or not -- were discussed even though  IAJE 
committee folks and I believe you on this list said ahead of  time that it was a 
lame topic.
*i dont believe i have EVER stated it was lame to discuss whether we are  
creating hits or not-quite to the contrary on that one.  perhaps you have  
confused me with someone else. there are plenty of ricks on your list.  LOL.  are 
you sure i wasn't criticizing repeats of "How to Get Your Record  Played" or 
"Servicing Radio" [those have become lame IMHO]?  

This  year two of the three IAJE radio track sessions will cover this topic.  
will address the current actual and/or perceived crisis in jazz  radio  
and another will discuss how we program, select and rotate  music.

*a panel dedicated to "the current actual and/or perceived crisis in  jazz 
radio" is a positive step as long as there is no confusion about there  being a 
here's hoping the other panel incorporates some other elements and gets  
still jazzy after all these years,
ricky schultz

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