[JPL] Crisis! What Crisis?

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 02:59:53 EDT 2006


Many perspectives. Tolerance is word in the house.

I'm sorry I haven't read your paper.

"Dr. Levin pointed out that only about one third of the population has
the ability to appreciate the abstract."

If you expose people to good music, art, literature and especially
well conceived stories crafted through moving images they will respond
enthusiastically. The appeal and power of music is universal, and all
music is abstract. That's like saying only a third of population
understands or even has dreams.

Maybe because the Perry Como, the Ed Sullivan, Andy Williams, Jackie
Gleason and Mike Douglas variety shows did a better job of conveying
culture than Enfotainment Tonight does now. That's where most people
spend their time, plugged in to the Matrix. Those cheesey shows and
many others were vehicles to further involvement. Much of today's
entertainment packages are bundled into hermetic orchestras of tested
reaction. Jazz is antithetical to that. At it's best it's spontaneous
and unpredictable.  It's not hard to see that the music doesn't fit
with easy to grab marketing models, but that doesn't mean they aren't
out there.

Fusion's just a word. It can be a label, yet is more powerful when put
across as a concept consistent throughout the evolution of jazz.
Horace Silver and Herbie Nichols would be a good place for me to start
in front of a group of young musicians here at Blue Lake tp show them
with records how the fusion of West Indian music, Bud Powell and
Bartok led here or there. It's just easier for young people, even
musicians, to hear what's readily available.  Young jazz students
don't want cross over, they want to tap the main vein. And fusion's
another way in.

Personally fusion is like nostalgia to me, though there are moments of
creative music making going on with electric instruments -- did you
hear Marcus Miller's "Frankenstein"? He went all in. Or Sanborn
lately. Looking forward to hearing him live this winter. (Not Edgar).


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