[JPL] Eric Hines's comments re: Audience 2010

Bob Rogers rwsfin at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 12 19:09:34 EDT 2006

Eric's comments:

Audience 2010 is looking to me VERY much like an extremely drawn out
CYA document. Walrus & ARA have never been more influential on
programming that they are right now, and important numbers are dipping.
WHY? One answer they don't seem willing to investigate is : "because so
many stupid programming decisions are being justified with the data and
analysis we provide."

CPB really ought to hire someone else to come in and look at these
numbers and offer a second opinon/analysis. The tone of this study just
seems to me to be self-serving to the nth degree--I've so far read
absolutely nothing in it that's new and helpful--just public radio
bromides about getting to know your listeners.***

Eric Hines
General Manager
WNMC 90.7 FM

I agree.  Eric's assertion that "...so many stupid programming decisions are 
being justified with the data and analysis we [Walrus & ARA] provide" is 
spot on.

It's good to have the research and I don't have issues with its quality.  
But I agree that the interpretation of the data should not be left to the 
researchers (nor to NPR or CPB).  Researchers are, after all, specialists in 
research methodologies, an essentially scientific (or at least 
technological) process.  But how does that make them programming experts?

The researchers, in the narrative portions of their reports, admit as much 
and point out that the solutions to whatever problems are revealed, are up 
to the stations to parse out for themselves.  However, their narratives do 
often seem more than a little self-serving.  And I think the tendency in our 
industry is for many of us to just read those caveats as so much 

We seem to expect the researchers, who are, after all essentially "archive 
rats" -- just kidding, guys!) to tell us how to program our radio stations.  
That's just dumb!  How the hell would they know?  At the statin level, it's 
our job to read the data, make the adjustments and avoid the "stupid 
programming decisions."

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