[JPL] Crisis! What Crisis?

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Hi Giz,

I spoke in absolutes - always a bad idea (the point and the humor intended).
I stand corrected and in fact I stand in contradiction to my own statements
of "discovery" in music.

When I first heard The Inner Mounting Flame, I thought it was computer music
- not music played by humans. I hated it. Soon afterward a friend said, hey
you gotta see "this orchestra" and the rest is history. 

The focus of my post was about being out of step, style, and fashion. My
apologies for dissing Rap and Hip Hop just because they are not my cup of

I should probably mention that since I blasted into Jazz Programmers and
picked on Jazz Icons, there's probably a lot of folks here that feel I
deserve some fitting punishment or some bad Karma coming back at me. Well,
they can relax and be satisfied. My wife is a die-hard Country & Western
fan. I can't stand it, and she plays it LOUD most of the time we're home.
Now, I'm NOT picking on Country Western, I'm just pointing out that I don't
particularly like it and I listen to it significantly more than I listen to
Jazz or Fusion. (I never knew that I'd have to listen to C&W to be a good
husband - however, I finally made the transition). 

In terms of "crisis" she likes the short simple songs with straightforward,
easy to understand lyrics. The lyrics are really important to her. What did
I hear today? "All my ex's live in Texas" - now that's pretty
straightforward lyrics. What's this got to do with "crisis"? Jazz doesn't
spoon feed the listener!


Rick Calic

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>Do Rap and Hip Hop artists study at Berklee or Julliard?

You betcha:



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