[JPL] Crisis! What Crisis?

DPolletta at aol.com DPolletta at aol.com
Sun Aug 13 09:32:09 EDT 2006

In a message dated 8/11/2006 1:16:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Ricky Schultz 
the real irony is that it was the rise of Contemporary Jazz that spawned  the 
format but once the format was branded, Contemporary Jazz was tossed out  
with the bathwater.  Suddenly the post fusion music of Metheny, Duke,  
Corea, Crusaders, Yellowjackets, Clarke, Michael Franks, Strunz &  Farah, 
Fleck, Spyro Gyra, etc etc was to a large extent without a  home. you 
hear a George Benson track with an extended  solo; the biggest, most popular 
and in many instances most talented  musicians were passed over?>

Why did they toss it?  Especially if it is as popular with audiences as its 
supporters say it is? That doesn't make any sense.  I'm confused.  

Dan Polletta

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