[JPL] Where has the passion gone?/steps to improve on air presentation

OntheBeach at aol.com OntheBeach at aol.com
Sun Aug 13 14:23:20 EDT 2006

i agree with jeff t.  he makes some excellent points.
when i was on air (and MD) i always encouraged the dj's to NEVER utter the  
[so often heard on jazz airwaves] "OF COURSE THAT WAS....."
it is a small but common example of something that potentially alienates  75% 
+ of listeners.
the inference here is if you don't know who that was you're somehow less of  
a jazz fan, you're placed in the group of least knowledgeable listeners to the 
it might be beneficial if a thread was started where these sorts of  
observations/rules/pet peeves could be collected for the benefit of  everyone.
following some discussion, i'd venture to say that 12 to 15 of the best of  
these ideas could
have a positive impact on any station's presentation that adopted them and  
posted them in the control room.
every single experienced programmer on this list has at least one.
the most successful stations probably have some number of them.
i'd like to suggest programmers offer to share their top one or two.   
duplication will only serve to reinforce the validity of the  observation/rule/pet 
anyone on the list who also listens to a lot of jazz radio should be  welcome 
to share as well.
-ricky schultz

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