[JPL] Where has the passion gone?/steps to improve on air presentation

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Sun Aug 13 17:06:31 EDT 2006

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<<..when i was on air (and MD) i always encouraged the dj's to  NEVER utter 
[so often heard on jazz airwaves] "OF  COURSE THAT WAS....."..>>
I couldn't agree more. "Of course" is the most abused two-word phrase in  the 
language (at least of the two-word phrases that can be used in polite  
company). The speaker is setting him/herself above all the uninformed masses and  
speaking down to them. It happens less in conversation, but seems to  occur a 
lot in group emails, (at least on other lists to which I  belong).
Speaking of pet peeves or caveats (good idea for a thread): At the other  end 
of the spectrum, we need to be careful about nicknames without explanation.  
One of the first albums I ever purchased mentioned somebody who had played 
with  Bird, but I had no idea of who that meant (cut me some slack here, it was 
50  years ago). We can say Prez, Little Jazz, Bird, and Jaws among a  
well-defined discussion group, and everyone will know who we mean. But when  addressing 
masses, including some who may be hearing Jazz for the first time, we  need 
to think about everyone, not just the cognoscenti.

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