[JPL] KRFC FtCollins Playlist 8/13/06 'MtnStdsTime' Gene Abkarian

Al Karia jctrane at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 10:04:28 EDT 2006

Playlist for August 13, 2006 version of 'Mountain Standards Time' on KRFC,
an independent, community-supported station in Ft Collins, Colorado (a town
recently selected by Money magazine as the most desireable place to live in
the country; a dubious  'honor' that folks in this city would rather just,
...go away).
      CDs for audition and airplay are always welcome and may be directed to
me at the address below.
                  Gene Abkarian
                  KRFC Radio
                  619 S College Ave  #4
                  Ft Collins, CO  80524

ARTIST/track/album/label          *not a new release
  (Tunes arranged by set)

RED GARLAND/LazyMae/DigIt/Prestige  (theme) *
BRAD GOODE/BemshaSwing/HypnoticSuggestion/Delmark
LENORE RAPHAEL/Jordu/BeautifulFriendship/self * (for CliffordJordan-RIP)

IGNACIO BERROA/Woodn'You/Codes/BlueNote
MARILYN HARRIS/IDon'tGamble/RoundTrip/Wrightwood

DAVE SAMUELS CaribJzzProj/WazoDayzeel/Mosaic/Concord

KENNY GARRETT/Orinthology/WarnerJamsTribute/WarnerBros (compilation) *
ANTON SCHWARTZ/BluesForNow/RadiantBlue/AntonJazz
RAAHSAN ROLAND KIRK/AfroBlue/BrothermanFatherlandHyena (b. Aug7, 1936)

JON FADDIS/HeyLalo/Teranga/KochRecords
J LOCKE-G KEEZER/Miramar/LiveInSeattle/Origin

ONE FOR ALL/Smooth/TheLineup/SharpNine
JOE GILMAN/Don'tYouWorry'Bout../WonderRevisited/Capri

MARK WEINSTEIN/titletrack/ONossoAmor/JazzHeads
FRANK MORGAN/Solar/Reflections/HighNote

GERRY GIBBS ThrasherBand/MaidenVoyage/LiveAtLuna/WhalingCity

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