[JPL] Newport Review

Steve Schwartz steve_schwartz at wgbh.org
Tue Aug 15 20:48:31 EDT 2006

I was there on Sunday only.
Trumpet player Christian Scott gave the crowd gathered to hear him at one of
the smaller side stages something to take home.
His band included the Curtis brothers, Zaccai on piano and Luquez on bass
and a young alto player I had never heard before. Christian said they grew
up together, I assume in New Orleans. I didn't get his name but you'll  be
hearing from him . Christian's uncle, Donald Harrison (who played on
Saturday with McCoy) came up and played the last couple of tunes as  did
Christian's lady, Esperanza Spalding. The crowd grew and grew during the
set. I commented to Dan Melnick from Festival Productions that next year
they'd have to get a bigger stage for Christian. He nodded in agreement.

Another highlight also involved Donald. Brian Lynch was playing a duet set
with Eddie Palmieri. After the second tune, Brian noticed "Duck" standing on
the sidelines. He gave an almost imperceptible nod and hand gesture to him
and Donald unpacked his horn and came up on stage. Eddie was totally unaware
that this was happening behind his back. Donald came up behind Eddie and
proceeded to join the duo. Eddie broke out into the biggest smile and the
three of them proceeded to blow everyone away with repertoire from
Palmieri's book. Eddie was an entire rhythm section unto himself. The
audience gave them at least three standing ovations, each of them well
deserved. A most magic moment.

Andy Bey was magnificent!

I also heard good things about Marty Erlich¹s Sextet, James Carter¹s Organ
Trio and Avishai Cohen¹s piano, bass, drums trio but didn¹t hear them for
myself. I did hear Botti out of one ear while waiting in an endless line for
some ribs. I was hungry for real food and real jazz. The ribs satisfied.
Botti left me with a  hollow feeing the pit of my stomach. But he sure is

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