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     Next  week on XM 72-Beyond Jazz (The World's Only 100% Modern     Channel)
   XM       (21-27 August 2006)
   This     feature
MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS<   hour  of  one of the living masters of   Just   incredible    7-time  Grammy  awa   Maynard Ferguson, Art B   the  fusion  super-group  Weathe   you’ll  hear  lots  of  his  great solo   comments  that  shed light on his brilliant career. Lis   Noon  Eastern/9  AM  Pacific,  with  a  replay Monday night at 11 P   Eastern/8 PM Pacific. It’s MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS featuring an hour
   of the music of 
   This  week  enjoy  another  edition  of  our  show  <   JAZZ
   !  hosted  by Michelle Sammartino<   jazz, brass band, swa   Listen for

     JAMMIN’   JAZZ  three  times  each  week
Tuesday  night  at  9P
     Eastern-6P  Pacific,  Thursday       and  Sunday  at 7P/Eastern-4P Pacific. This     more o     Previte,  The  [DEL:  California Guitar Trio and The Scott Amendola
     Band. :DEL] 


   This Wednesday and Sunday, it’s    TO  COAST  on LIVE @ BJ'S! Every Wednesday night at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM
   Eastern and Sunday    world's  only  imaginary  mo   performances by the biggest stars of Mo   you can't hear anywhere but on XM, and t   California  to  hear  San  Francisco’s  New  Monsoon  with  hot sets
   recorded  in  Sacramento and San Diego, then catch   great  performances in New York City’s Roseland Ballro   Randolph  &  The Fa   followed  by  The  and  speci   Celebration.  It’s JAZZY J   addition of LIVE @ BJ'S!


   IF  IT’S  FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION   exclusive  Beyond  Jazz  feature  that  focuses  on the moment in jazz
   history  when the music became electric and all the musical influences
   of  the  world  blended  with jazz to create the Fusion Era. Each hour
   beginning  at  7  AM  Ea[DEL:  stern/4  AM  Pacific  until  midnigh   Eastern/9  PM  Pacific  you’l   the  mojo  behind  this controversial er   FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION!<

   Every   little  bett   August 26th, we'll delve into one of    a  special  presentation  titled  LA  MUSICA LATINA: A SALUTE TO LATIN
   JAZZ!   Join  Russ Davis as he talks to Latin Jazz legends like Michel
   Camilo, Dave Valentin and Dave Samuel   Christian  McBride,   Roy  Hargove,  Steve  Khan  and  others who have
   incorporated  the   segments  followed  by  mu   lasting  through  Midnight Eastern ti   MUSICA LATINA: A SALUTE TO LATIN JAZZ, Saturday from BEYOND JAZZ.

   Every  Sunday  it’s  the  EMAIL  REPLY  HOUR<   Eastern/3   responding  to  email  messages  by playing requested songs, answering
   listener  questions  and  reading  listener  comments  that  have been
   emailed to him at [1]beyondjazz at xmradio.co
   We’   August 27th, a
   First   has  been  taking their message to fans all over the g   Sunday  you’ll  hear  live  performances from Colorado to Texa   Holland and beyond as we present cuts from their latest CD “Tomorrow
   We’ll Kn

   Then  you’ll  hear  the  latest  work  from saxophone ma   Garrett,   his latest CD titled “Beyo   all-star  cast  that includes Bobby Hutcherson, Mulgrew Miller, Brian   Blade and Pharoah Sanders.


   Then     Atlanta  multi-instrumentalist  :DEL]  Tom  Grose.  Known  as  a great
   pianist  and vocalist, T   on two new CD’s titled “Jetsam,   nd  see if you don’t think that this just might be the kind of music

   Listen  for  cuts  from these cool, ne   Eastern/6  PM  Pacific, on another Premier Sunday
part of The Sunday
   Specials from 

   Russ Davis

   Program Director

   Beyond Jazz  

   () Satellite Radio

   33 West 60th 
   10th Floor


   1. 3D"mailto:beyondjazz at xmradio.com"

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