[JPL] Pepsi/Jazz and apples

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Sun Aug 20 15:44:55 EDT 2006

Jae wrote <<< I was wondering...... since Pepsi has this new "Jazz" drink
that's being promoted much......if they have any intention of sponsoring or
underwriting any jazz events? Would anyone know? That would seem like a
logical next step.  >>>

About a month ago I encountered a new hybrid apple imported from the other
"Down Under"- New Zealand, it is called Jazz. Immediately it occurred to me
a jazz station would be an ideal way to promote this apple as it enters the
market. I advised our underwriter developer who contacted the publicists for
the apple and they were not interested in working with us.

Pepsi has been supplying a fountain soda machine for our volunteers during
every membership drive at jazz89KUVO for over 10 years now, as we gear up
for our Fall Membership Drive in October we advised the good folks at our
local Pepsi bottler that we would like one of the flavors on the dispenser
to be the new Jazz flavor, we will wait and see if they deliver.

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