[JPL] Sean Jones/Soprano ???

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BTW, Jae, Tia is a she!


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The conversations recently about the soprano saxophone made me thing about this recording. Opening this I'll say that the Sean Jones release "Roots" is fantastic. Wonderful writing and improvisation. Some tracks however aren't totally correct in their instrumentation lineup. Track two for example list Tia Fuller as playing alto but he's playing soprano. Track eight has Tia listed as playing alto....but he's playing flute. Track ten has no listing of saxophone but he's playing alto. Track 11 has him listed as playing alto but again here....soprano. In fact, there is no soprano listing anywhere on this recording but it's featured on a couple of tracks. Finally, track 12 has alto listed but there is no saxophone on this track. Man, who proof read this thing. 
  Jae Sinnett

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