[JPL] When The Levees Broke

Dr. Jazz drjazz at drjazz.com
Mon Aug 21 23:22:58 EDT 2006

Whew!  Every American should see this magnificent program to remind 
themselves what the Federal Government did didn't do to protect our fellow 
citizens!  Forget Iraq, forget Medicare Part D, forget polluting the 
environment, forget Terri Schiavo, forget stem cell research veto, forget 
the Patriot Act, forget warrantless wiretaps, forget Social Security, 
forget all of that.  If there is ANY reason to impeach Bush and to throw 
out his cronies like Chertoff, Rice, and Cheney it is Katrina!

Thank you Spike Lee for a most powerful documentary.  On the jazz side, 
Terrence Blanchard, Wynton and "Duck" Harrison were interviewed.

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