[JPL] What ¹ s the state of jazz in Orange County?

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Tue Aug 22 08:11:02 EDT 2006

What¹s the state of jazz in Orange County?

It¹s dead. I don¹t like saying that because I don¹t like the idea, but the
reality is that jazz music in general is passé. It¹s there because of the
musicians who aren¹t willing to let it go. But it¹s not thriving. It¹s not
thriving in New York, where it¹s supposed to be thriving. And there are
thousands of jazz musicians in New York trying to get the same gigs and
working for peanuts. Most of the jazz musicians that I know can¹t afford to
just play jazz. They have to whore themselves out and do other kinds of
gigs. I¹ve done gigs that I¹m not super proud of. People look at my bio and
go, ³What are you doing that for?² I¹ll say, ³So I can put macaroni and
cheese on the table this week.² I should say, ³Because I don¹t want to get
up and do a nine-to-five job like you, you sad motherfucker.² [Laughs] I¹m
kidding. All the jazz musicians I know are great people. We¹re like a team.
We all know how hard it is to be a jazz musician today. There are only so
many jazz clubs in Orange County and LA. I¹ve considered moving to Europe
because you can actually make a living playing jazz music. It¹s an American
art form, and Americans don¹t give a shit about it. It¹s so difficult, but
the fact that I¹m still doing it blows my mind. It¹s a drug. It¹s something
I have to do. It¹s such a total freedom. That¹s the high of playing that
music that you can¹t get in other things. You¹re free. You¹re absolutely

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