[JPL] When The Levees Broke .....

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Aug 22 13:45:20 EDT 2006

I lived through the Category 4 Hurricane Andrew that devastated South
Florida in 1992, Andrew toppled the transmission tower of WDNA and dozens of
radio, television stations and county agencies. Not wanting to move into the
Miami Beach Convention Center which was the shelter being used, I decided to
stay at my 9th floor condo unit thinking that even if a huge storm surge
occurred it wouldn't reach the 9th floor. From there I witnessed "raining
up", different color lightning, flying tree branches and all sort of other
debris at my level and above. As bad as Andrew was, as horrific the
conditions were at the Convention Center and other shelters they pale in
comparison to what happened in New Orleans. Cuba offered to send about 100
medical doctors specialized in disaster relief 3 days after the Katrina hit,
DRs willing to go where no one else would as they have done in many
countries over the years and the governmental folks of Dee Cee declined to
accept for political reasons.

I have experienced the Conflict of Viet Nam in the 70's, the Kent State
incident and many other mistakes of this nation, the lack of response,
attitude and overall incompetence of the current administration ranks in the
all time top errors of the USA.

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