[JPL] Re: Skerik's song titles

Jeff Turton jturton at comcast.net
Wed Aug 23 16:30:48 EDT 2006

I would think my program director would have problems if I told the 
President to Go **** himself as happened to our lovely vice president 
last night during Spike's Katrina documentary (so wonderful to hear it 
again and have a face to put with it) but he has no problem with Go To 
Hell, Mr. Bush. I gotta tell ya Jim , I love saying it. Might not work 
in your neighborhood but goes over fine in mine. I certainly don't feel 
like I'm in any way mimicking Howard Stern. I'm certainly not worried 
about offending a listener or two, I'm sure I do it at least once every 
show with musical choices. There's a lot I won't say over the airwaves 
but the titles on the disc aren't among them

Jeff Turton

On Aug 23, 2006, at 12:27 PM, Jim Wilke wrote:

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> So Russ, you're OK with saying "Go to Hell, Mr Bush"  and "Fry His 
> Ass" on Voice of America??
> (or maybe the song doesn't fit.... ) Of course I respect artistic 
> license, but Howard Stern and other shock jocks kinda pushed the 
> limits of that much-maligned term. As a result terrestrial radio still 
> gets the attention of the FCC when so-called "naughty words" are 
> aired.
> To paraphrase Shakespeare (and Ed Murrow) I think the fault is not in 
> our Stars but in ourselves - although most listeners would only 
> chuckle or raise and eyebrow, there's always some listener somewhere 
> who'll take offense and fire off a letter to the commission and 
> someone will have to answer for it.
> As for me, I just refer listeners to the online playlists where all 
> titles are listed.  I really do like the music and several of the 
> musicians in this band are friends of mine.  There are also several 
> bands in Seattle whose band names will probably never be mentioned on 
> any radio station... unless Howard played music, of course.
> JW
> On Wednesday, August 23, 2006, at 06:45  AM, davispro at mindspring.com 
> wrote:
>> I guess you either respect artistic license or you don't.  If the 
>> song fits, play it.
>> Russ Davis
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>>> Subject: [JPL] Re: Skerik's song titles
>>> Jim Wilke wrote:
>>> how are YOU handling some of the ones on Skerik's Syncopated Taint 
>>> Sextet?
>>> I respond:
>>> We've given no advice to our dj's that I know of. I've heard "B's"
>>> and "a slang term for female dogs" for bitches. No problems so far.
>>> 'Spect there'll be none as we're a small college station.
>>> -Biz @ WNMC
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