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I think it was around  late  summer of 1962 or 1963. I was home on leave,
taking a break from a six month spell of sea duty. There was a 1961 Buick
convertible at my disposal and I was keeping company at the time with a
young lady who aspired to be a Broadway show tune singer.

As memory serves Maynard was finishing up a clinic in New Hope, Pa. for
promising young student musicians and was taking them on the road. One of
the first stops was in South Jersey at an renovated old dairy barn. It was
called the Barn or the Mill or some such bucolic title and was great for a
big band date.

I scored two tickets and the young woman from paragraph one  accompanied me
to hear Maynard and  the band. Maynard was in top form, playing notes only
dogs can hear. You could have hung scaffolding on his bulging carotids. The
crowd went wild.

Then as a finale Maynard announced that they were going to play a song that

they were scheduled to record and release but at the last moment the label
pulled it from him and gave it to another band. Maynard called the song
title "Sellout."

The song: Watermelon Man.

More than thirty years later, Maynard came to Jacksonville to play a middle
school benefit (he has family here) with his Big Bop Noveau Band. He had to
be at least 75 pounds heavier, but could still set the canines to howling.

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