[JPL] Ray Charles with Count Basie Orchestra

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Mon Aug 28 21:37:12 EDT 2006

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jturton at comcast.net writes:

<<..Dead musicians collaborating via Pro  
tools or any  other piece of modern recording software is just  weird..>>
I couldn't agree more; in fact, it's ghoulish. At least with Nat +  Natalie, 
one was alive and there was both a loving connection as well as the  oddity. 
That was a once-in-a-lifetime production...or should have been.
Of course, maybe it will be followed by Judy + Lisa, Frank + Frank. But to  
me, Nat + Nat should have been unique. Ray and Basie? Down for the count, in my 


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