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Mon Aug 28 23:56:24 EDT 2006

(Sorry - I accidently sent the previous response before I wrote the 

I'm a little surprised that some are so quick to condemn a CD they 
haven't heard.

Yes - I do think the process is a little weird, but according to the 
article which sparked this discussion:

"The quality of these reels wasn't great ... they appeared to be 
recordings from the live soundboard with Ray's vocal way up front, and 
the band way in the background.  At first, the tapes seemed unusable, 
but Ray sounded amazing.... I was disappointed that Ray wasn't 
performing with the Basie Band. But, then I thought we could re-record 
the music with the current Basie Orchestra."

If it's from the 70s and from the house sound mix - it's probably mono 
or at best stereo, not multi tracked and the band may well be so low in 
the mix as to make a poor mix for CD.  It's probably not "fixable" 
without re-recording the band.  Is there still a Ray Charles band to 
re-record the parts or is the current Basie band a viable alternative?

Yes, it sounds like an attempt to cash in on "anything Ray Charles" 
after the success of Genius loves Company which (let's be honest) isn't 
one of his greatest albums.  But there were some great pairings before 
that, like Ray and Bags, Ray and Quincy... and Ray and Basie certainly 
seems to be in that company even if assembled after the principals are 
no longer able to interact directly.  They did do a lot of concerts 
together.   And if  "Ray sounded amazing"... his voice could inspire 
the current Basie band to back him like he was there in the studio with 

It just might work.... personally, I think I'll wait 'til I hear it to 
pass judgment.   But generally I think we should let artists RIP after 
they've gone, when they can no longer have a say on which of their 
performances will be issued and in what form.   I wonder how they feel 
about all the busted takes and rejected performances being issued in 
the interests of "completeness".   They're probably listening, you know.

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

On Monday, August 28, 2006, at 07:47  PM, EdBride at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 8/28/2006 10:44:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> JeffKtpt at aol.com writes:
> <<..I'll tell you what's wrong with it!
> They erased the Ray  Charles Orchestra recording with Ray,another 
> words it
> was already  recorded with Ray's band. They saved his tracks and 
> decided that
> with the Basie (Ghost) band, they could make money  off the  average  
> listener.
> There was nothing wrong with the original Tracks.  Concord just want 
> to  make
> money with it..>>
> Does the Jazz Programmer community have the guts to give this album  
> its
> due...by not playing it? Or is the Jazz Programmer community supposed 
> to let  the
> listener make that sort of judgement?
> Ed

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