[JPL] How about dead people endorising products in ads???

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I can't get quite as upset as Arturo at the use of past celebrities in ads 
so long as proper permission is obtained from the estates of the deceased. 
If the heirs of a celebrity feel that the likeness of their illustrious 
ancestor may be used to sell cars, banking services, laxatives or candy 
bars, who am I to nay say?  I, for one, am happy to sit back and have one 
last smile from someone long gone.

I also don't mind colorizing all that much.  Many young people today will 
not watch a b&w flick just because it is not in color.  If colorizing brings 
a few people to the film that would otherwise would not have watched it, 
more power to you.  After all, the colorization process does not destroy the 
original b&w which is still available to purists like Arturo and myself. 
However, I don't see what harm colorizing the Three Stooges could do.  It is 
not like they are cinematic masterpieces along the lines of "Casablanca", 
"Citizen Kane" or Paul Muni's "Scarface".  I am rather fond of my colorized 
version of Laurel & Hardy's "The Music Box".  But, then again, I am just a 
piano player.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Osnato
HighNote Records

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> Just like I am not a fan of coupling dead musicians via technology I am
> also, pardon the pun, dead set against dead persons endorsing products in
> ads. I recall John Wayne being used in a savings and loan commercial, how
> about Sinatra who was used in another TV advertising gimmick. There are
> others as well, I am not talking about using archival footage in an ad, I 
> am
> referring to super imposing dead folks on the screen as if they were alive 
> n
> well.
> Orson Wells envisioned this sort of lunacy and therefore has the best
> control of his output in his last will and testament. Remember the outcry
> when Turner Classics Movies colorized Casa Blanca? The film maker had at 
> his
> disposition color film had he wished to use it but chose not, the sets,
> wardrobe, film angles et al were done in a B & W mindset, to have 
> colorized
> Casa Blanca would be like touching up the Mona Lisa. The same thing 
> happened
> to Columbia Studios when they colorized Three Stooges 2-reelers for DVD
> release, the daughter of Moe Howard and other Stooges children and grand
> children forced Columbia to cease and desist their unauthorized tampering.
> Arturo
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