[JPL] Straight, No Chaser (WSHA-FM - www.wshafm.org) 08-30-06

Bob Rogers rwsfin at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 00:00:37 EDT 2006

Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest, Cool Water (Timelessness Frozen in 
Nina Simone, Save Me
Crowmeat Bob, So Long 213
Groove Holmes, This Is The Me Me
Roberto Magris Europlane, Here I'll Stay (Il Bello Del Jazz)
Cedar Walton, Hammer Head (One Flight Down)
Mose Allison, Your Molecular Structure/One of These Days
Pete Zimmer, Getting Dizzy (Burnin' Live at Jazz Standard)

Janiva Magness, Can't Stop Cryin' (Do I Move You?)
Skerick's Syncopated Taint Septet, Fry His Ass (Husky)
Dr. Lonnie Smith, Witch Doctor (Jungle Soul)
Sonny Rollins/Clifford Brown, Valse Hot (Sonny Rollins plus 4)
Mike Frost Project, Wylie's Windup/Vicious Dex-O-Licious (Comin' Straight At 
Ernie Andrews, If You Never Fall In Love With Me (Jump for Joy)
Bireli Lagrene, This Can't Be Love (gipsy project)

John Abercrombie, A Nice Idea/Convultion (Cat 'n' Mouse)
Deep Blue Organ Trio, title cut (Goin' To Town)
Roy Haynes, My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Whereas)
Joe Lovano Ensemble, The Birth of the Cool Suite (Streams of Expression)

Fred Anderson, title cut (Timeless)
Lisa Hilton, City Streets/title cut, (Midnight in Manhattan)
Henry Threadgill, Try Some Ammonia (Too Much Sugar For A Dime)
Billy Hart Quartet, Mellow B

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