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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
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Oh believe me Ed I didn't say that as a justification for what's being done with this project. I'm in agreement with you in that the cut and paste method of creating goes against every principle of artistic creation in my book. In jazz the beauty of sinking or swimming is that both are caught in the moment. It's a for the moment music and this is what makes the good so everlasting - when it happens. Jazz is the most sincere music I know of because of this truthfulness in how it's created. What's puzzling to me is that I can't help but believe there aren't "canned" projects on Ray that have yet to be released. What artist that has had that kind of longevity and visibility..... doesn't? I would bet there are many and at some point we will see and hear them so this makes this current move even more peculiar.
  Jae Sinnett  

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I think Jae's comment about the
family of the decease having jurisdiction over the release of the product is 
to be considered.
But, it does not necessarilly mean anything there either. Their judgement 
not express the will of the artists...

All the more reason to leave the material alone, in the first place. When 
first recorded, it's an artist's statement. When mucked around and morphed and 
tweaked and merged and tuned, it's become a commercial oddity. 



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