[JPL] Ray & Basie

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Thu Aug 31 12:24:15 EDT 2006

I agree with Bobby, my point was about the artificial tweaking in order to  
force-fit into a new and unintended environment (that is, adapting a singer's  
recording to a different band, or ghoulish duets). 
I have little against studio editing, although I'd rather hear an imperfect  
'live' recording than a smoothly-edited perfect recording from a studio.
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Bobby.Jackson at ideastream.org writes:

<<..As much as I agree with you about cut and paste process, I  can't help 
but think about Miles Davis producer Teo Macero with stacks of  tapes he 
recorded of Miles and Co. cutting and pasting together the "Bitches  Brew" 
masterpiece recording that influenced so much of the so-called fusion  music of the 
seventies.  It is an exception to the rule of recording  spontaneous music making, 
and it also keeps me on point that there are  exceptions to every rule..>>  

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