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     Next  week on XM 72-Beyond Jazz (The World's Only 100% Modern     Channel)

   XM      (4-10 September 2006)

   This     feature
<   featuring  an  hour  of the music of one of the gr   modern  jazz  history,  BILLY  COBHAM!  From the very beginning of his
   care   established  himself  as a    We’ll  cover  his  dynamic  solo  wo   including  his  fusion band with George Duke. You’ll hear an hour of
   his  m   on his brill   with  a  replay  Mond   MONDAY  WITH  THE  MASTERS  featuring  an hour    COBHAM
   This  week  enjoy  another  edition  of  our  show  <   JAZZ
JAZZ  FOR  THE NEW GENERATI   ...an  hour  of  jamband  jaz   funk  influenced,  booty  movin'  tunes   /FONT>  three  times  each  week
Tuesday  night  at  9   Pacific,  Thursday  morning  at  9A/Eastern-6A Pacific, and Sunday   7P/Eastern-4P  Pacific. This week Michelle features some of the newest
   w   all-star band 

   This  Wednesday  and  Sunday,  it’s    BJ'S   Sunday  at  7  PM  Eastern/4 PM Pacific spend an hour in the world   only  imaginary  modern jazz club, BJ's, for rare live performances by
   the   anywh   fusion  era  to  he   greatest  songs  on  stage.&   “SPAIN<   “CHAMELEON.”  The   followed  by JEFF BECK wailing on his classic “F   style="FONT-WEIGHT:   bold;   FONT-SIZE:  10pt;  COLOR:  black">”.
   It’s   BJ'S!

   How  w   Headhunter   for a special   Friday  and  that’s  exactly   present  an  exclusive Beyond Jazz   in  jazz  history when the music became e   influences  of the world blended with jazz to cr   Herbie  Hancock  and  his band of adventurous funksters,    Bennie  Maupin,  Paul  Jackson, Bill Summers and Blackbird McKnigh   were  some  of the most inventive of the era.  While others were busy   blending  rock  and  jazz,  they  brought on the funk with the classic
   release     Shibuya Hall and Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo.  The shows   never  released  anywhere  except  Japan.   We   hands on this rare music and this Friday beginning a   AM  Pacific  we’ll  begin each hour with a cut from those h   concerts.   I   Hancock  and The Headhunters   B

   Every   little  bett   September  9th,  we'll  spend  the  day  wi   Garrett,  two of    “The  Motor  City”  wi   JAZZ  CITY!   Join  Russ  Davis  as he talks to   /FONT>  and  saxophonist  Kenny  Garrett  as they reveal    behind  their  great  careers  including the affect of growing up i   Detroit.  Interview segments followed by music air each hour beginning
   at  N   Pacific).  It's DETROIT: JAZZ CITY, featuri   Garrett, Saturda
   Every   Pacific,  Russ  Davi<   responding  t   listener  questions  a   emailed to him a

   The  f   give you fiv   Premier Sunday here on Beyond Jazz.
   First   poetic style in her original work but she takes it to a ne   her  newest work “Mythologies.” [DEL: She gives us her modern jazz
   take  on  the  ancient   Metamorphoses.  We’re talk
   Then,   Jaco,  Mark  Egan,  joined  by  an  all-star  cast of guit   Abercrombie  and  good  friend  and  fellow charter member of the ori   ginal  Pat  Metheny Group, drummer Danny Gottlieb, on his new CD “As
   We Speak,” 

   Then,  speaking of all-star bands, it’s David Murra   Jamaaladeen  Tacuma,  and  James  “Blood”  Ulmer  known  as  World
   Saxophone Quartet with the new CD titled “Political Blues.” 


   And w   First  it’   member  of  Poets  of  Rhythm,  Niko  Schabel,  on  his  new CD titled
   “Berlin  Serengeti,”  follow   Zilla  with their latest CD titled “All Iz.” You heard it first on
   Michelle’   speakers in 

   Listen  for  cuts  from these cool, ne   Eastern/6  PM  Pacific, on another Premier Sunday
part of The Sunday
   Specials from 

   Russ Davis

   Program Director

   Beyond Jazz  

   (((XM))) Satellite Radio
   33 West 60th 
   10th Floor


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