[JPL] Seattle jazz history, slam dunk

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Feb 1 19:30:27 EST 2006

Linda wrote <<< it's worth glancing at Paul deBarros's book on the history
of jazz in Seattle. >>>>
Larry wrote <<<  Bet this isa "slam-dunk" for Jim Wilke...(Oops, wrong
sport.) >>>>>

You are right on the money Linda, I have that book. I purchased it when I
visited Seattle after the last Gavin Convention held in San Francisco, the
one the hip hoppers plastered the lobby of the St Francis Hotel with flyers
and posters much to the dismay of the hotel mgmt. who vowed never to allow
the Gavin to hold a convention there again and it didn't. I was on the same
flight to Seattle from Bagdhad by the Bay as our own Mike Carlson. While
visiting a good friend I was taken to a great jazz record shop in a basement
in the famous Pioneer Square and that's where I copped my copy.

By the way Larry, although as you noted, slam dunk is a term originally from
another sport, the legendary Hall of Famer Lakers announcer Francis "Chick"
Hearn who coined the term-slam dunk also used to announce football so it is
not out of place, moreover slam dunk has transcended basketball and sports
becoming a common term in everyday life.

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