[JPL] Superbowl jazz airplay

John Bishop johnbishop at originarts.com
Wed Feb 1 19:44:07 EST 2006

Hi Linda,

What a grand and thoughtful idea, and finally a subject that I can speak  
to with great authority! Yes, all of those you listed would be perfect  
representatives for Seattle. Here's a list that will be way more than you  
wanted or needed, but what the hell, you asked and I'll make it my moment  
in the sun!

Origin and OA2 artists:

Jim Knapp Orchestra
New Stories
Marc Seales
Phil Kelly
Marius Nordal
Thomas Marriott
Greta Matassa
Matt Jorgensen
Randy Halberstadt
Richard Cole
Deardorf/Peterson Group
Seattle Rep. Jazz Orch
Seattle Women's Jazz Orch.

Other solid Seattle citizens that you should have in your library would be:

Jay Thomas
Julian Priester
Larry Fuller (Pony Boy Records)
Kelley Johnson
Floyd Standifer (Pony Boy Records)
Buddy Catlett (Pony Boy Records)

A few more modern players that spent a long time here, or are originally  
 from Seattle, that represent an important part of our soundscape:

Brad Shepik, Jim Black, Chris Speed, Jay Clayton, Jerry Granelli, Art  
Lande, Andrew D'Angelo, Aaron Alexander, Briggan Krause, Cuong Vu, Jessica  
Lurie, and please, don't ever forget....KENNY G.


John Bishop
OriginArts - music/design
Origin Records
OA2 Records

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