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Miami and Seattle, the two cites of Mainland USA that are furthest apart
have several commonalities. One is expresso coffee, I used to think that
Miami had the most cafés serving expresso coffee(naturally Cuban style),
until I visited Seattle and saw the they have even more expresso coffee
stands. Both cities are by a bay and an ocean and have important medical
services contributing to the economy of the area. They also are the homes to
multi-instrumentalists, Miami's Ira Sullivan and Seattle's Jay Thomas who
both play trumpet and sax. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jay while I
was still at WDNA-Miami and he told me his musical hero is Ira Sullivan.

Another common thread between the "Magic City" and the "Emerald City" is
that they have both been home to the veteran Latin musician, J.C-Johnny
Conga who plays hand percussion and vibes. He also has hosted Latin music
radio shows in both towns. Marvin of McVouty Records is correct in stating
that the Latin Jazz group Sonando is one of my favorite ensembles who
include music and arrangements by Miami's legendary Cachao in their
recordings. Other Latin groups of distinction from Seattle are Bochinche and
Steve Gausch's Orquesta Nueva Era.

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