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>>  "The reality is that superficiality is in," says  Marsalis. "And depth
>>>> and quality is kind of out."    Quote from Before the Music Dies
>>>>> " Deep down, I'm really superficial"   from "Her Real Name" by Charles 
>>>>> D'Ambrosio>>
>>>>> Well I wonder - what is the real name of what's been up for discussion 
>>>>> over the past few days?
>>>>> Louis, the F word, freedom of speech?
>>>>> Art, including the Comedic Arts ( sounds so Old School ), or its 
>>>>> control in the name of culture by money?
>>>  Of course, were Marsalis' quote to  come from the kind of minds that 
>>> think culture
is a matter of dictation - "The reality is that superficiality is in, and 
depth and
>>>> quality is kind of out "  - it would be disturbing, wouldn't it?
>>> Quality is one of those words applied to things that age well. 
>>> Popularity and preservatives extend the shelf life of things, but not 
>>> their intrinsic quality. The reality is that the deep and the shallow 
>>> define each other, often surprisingly.
>>> Those who bury the lead, beware! it has a way of rising from the dead 
>>> with a vengeance.>
>>> And whatever jazz is censored for let it not be the pitfall of sounding 
>>> like the censors.

2 -
>> I remember how Arnie Lawrence loved the story of this jazz
>> intro on the old Lawrence Welk show:  "Now we're going to play the song,
>> "Take a train." "
>> I'm sure the musicians conveyed the particular train they were taking, 
>> and understandable that a reader of playlists,
>> or typist, ignorant of true intent, would think the title a typo.
>> But the point was that the song got played and the music heard at a time 
>> when it was revolutionary in a small southern Jersey town like mine. I 
>> was a curious third grade immigrants' kid trapped between Mitch Miller, 
>> Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone; Perry Como, Lawrence Welk and womens' 
>> wrestling, in that order, ( my father's favorites - Oh, my Papa!  ) and 
>> The Tonight Show, when I would gaze up at a white haired Nebraskan with 
>> the grin of a bad little boy and I would wonder how old you had to be to 
>> be
> sophisticated>
>> And so I got to hear - we all got to hear - music that awakened dreams of 
>> what I knew could exist: like Mahalia Jackson - He's Got The Whole World 
>> In His Hands.
> I was the first native-born English speaker in my family and the simple 
> words and powerful voice blew me away. I heard it on the radio
> and it can't have been a special channel; our old Zenith  dial was kept on 
> a local station, for weather reports and static, much too high for me to 
> reach..>>>
>>>> >>>> Anna Immanuel
>>>> angeli at netvision.net.il
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>>>>>> Gee...do you suppose there's any Jazz in this so-called documentary 
>>>>>> on
>>>>>> American music? Is Branford the token Jazzman? Historic footage with 
>>>>>> commentary  by
>>>>>> Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, and Branford Marsalis. Talk about your 
>>>>>> experts
>>>>>> on American music history. No Clark Terry, no Chuck Berry, no Fats 
>>>>>> Domino, no
>>>>>> Dave Brubeck...
>>>>>> Ed
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>>>>>> Film Summary
>>>>>> With outstanding performances and revealing interviews,  Before the 
>>>>>> Music
>>>>>> Dies takes a critical and comedic look at the homogenization  of 
>>>>>> popular
>>>>>> music with commentary by some of the industry's biggest talent  such 
>>>>>> as
>>>>>> Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis, Dave Matthews,  Elvis
>>>>>> Costello, Bonnie Raitt, Questlove (from hiphop group the Roots), and 
>>>>>> many
>>>>>> more. Using historic footage the film looks at the evolution of 
>>>>>> American
>>>>>> music and the artists who created it and pulls back the curtain (in 
>>>>>> a very
>>>>>> creative way) to expose the sad truth behind today's "artificial" 
>>>>>> music
>>>>>> stars.
>>>>>> "The reality is that superficiality is in," says  Marsalis. "And 
>>>>>> depth and
>>>>>> quality is kind of out."
>>>>>> After the death of  his musician brother, director Andrew Shapter was
>>>>>> inspired to make this film.  He and Producer Joel Rasmussen and the 
>>>>>> film crew
>>>>>> traveled thousands of miles,  visiting dozens of cities, speaking 
>>>>>> with
>>>>>> hundreds of fans, journalists,  record executives and musicians while
>>>>>> searching for "real" American music.  What they found were 
>>>>>> mega-talents
>>>>>> without a major label, including one artist  Eric Clapton believes is 
>>>>>> "the
>>>>>> real thing."
>>>>>> "I've never heard anyone  like him," says Clapton. "He plays like 
>>>>>> nobody
>>>>>> else."
>>>>>> In addition to  the artists, Shapter and Rasmussen put the questions 
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> writers and critics  from The Future of Music Coalition, Indie 911,
>>>>>> CNN, USAToday, Rolling Stone,  The New York Times, NPR and others. 
>>>>>> Many
>>>>>> questions
>>>>>> were raised such as  "why do they always play the some few songs over 
>>>>>> and
>>>>>> over again on the radio?  Why do major labels no longer allow 
>>>>>> musicians to
>>>>>> develop their career over  time? Why do local radio stations not feel 
>>>>>> so
>>>>>> local anymore? In addition, why  is it that all the acts promoted as 
>>>>>> the 'new
>>>>>> thing' seem to resemble fashion  models?"
>>>>>> The film also features live performances by many of the artists 
>>>>>> featured in
>>>>>> the film including Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu, Calexico, Branford 
>>>>>> Marsalis,
>>>>>> Eric Clapton, The Roots, Blaze, Guy Forsyth, and Correo  Aereo.
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