[JPL] PLAYLIST J & B Tour #97 for February 7 with ASFM 105.4 FM in the Netherlands

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Sat Feb 4 10:40:50 EST 2006

Hai all,
Herewith the playlist for coming tuesday february 7, program can also be 
heard over the Livestream (more info on  www.jazzbluestour.nl  )  and during 
liveprogramms studio can also be reached by MSN - Chat under profile; 
msn at alphenstadfm.nl
Would be nice to welcome you in a chat or by any email of guestbookentry.
Jazz & Blues Tour
C/O Joost van Steen
PO  BOX  471
2400 AL  Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands
                    February 7 # 97 !

  1st Hour  21:00 - 22:00 hrs
  Nr.    Artist    ---    Title    ====     From the Album;
   1 New Cool Collective    ---    Big Mondays    ====     MORE !

   2  Buck Clayton      ---      Jumpin' At the Woodside     ====     Buck 
Clayton Jam Sessions
   3   Maria Aurigema     ---     Miracle Man      ====      Take Me

   4 Larry Vuckovich    Jon Hendricks     ---    Tickle Toe      ==== 
   5 Pepper and The Sensations     ---    Jook Joint      ====      Woman 
Keep It Hot

   6   Benny Goodman     ---    Rattle and Roll      ====     Benny Goodman 
Jazz & Blues
   7  Muddy Waters     ---     Little Girl     ====      Blues Ballads

   8 The Diane Marino Quartet     ---    O  Morro No Tem Vez     ====     A 
Sleepin' Bee
   9 The Sana Band      ---    Real Sad Story     ====      Black Cat Blues

  10 T. Rogers     ---    Driven By the Blues     ====      Driven By the 
  11  Jim Pearce     ---     Muddy River Vamp     ====    Thirty Year Waltz

  Lean back and enjoy the 2nd hour, so just let it slide....
  2nd hour  22:00 - 23:00 hrs
  Nr.     Artist     ---    Title     ====     From the Album;
   1 Branford Marsalis      ---     Mo' Better Blues (Tune)      ==== 
Beneath The Underdog

   2 Carl Weathersby     ---     If that Ain't The Blues     ====      In 
The House
   3  Plunkey & Oneness     ---     Funk U Up      ====      Got To Move 

   4   John Long     ---     Stranglevine     ====      Lost & Found
   5 Connie Evingson     ---      Nature Boy      ====    Gipsy in My Soul

   6 Jay Thomas     ---    Moose the Mooche       ====     Blues For McVouty
   7   Zoe Chilco     ---    Ferzootin'      ====     Up the Highway - Jazz 

   8 Kevin Dorsey Collective      ---     Over The Horizon       ==== 
   9  Pyeng Threadgill     ---    Inner Lining    ====     Of THE AIR

  10  Voice Trek     ---    Windmills of Your Mind     ====     An A capella 
  11 Wendolina     ---   Tenderly       ====     Tenderly

END Jean Toots Thielemans     ---     Hard to Say Goodbye      ==== 
Hard to Say Goodbye
Well that's it for this coming tuesday, do hope you like the line-up and 
ofcourse all comments always highly appreciated.
Be Informed that tuesday february (right on hte Dot...), valentine's Day 
also this will be a special show as every year.
This because that in that, as a tribute to all female artists (beside the 
begin and endtunes) only female artists will be on the playlist......Will 
try to make it a very special program that day!
Do enjoy the rest of the weekend, have a great week and do take care of 
Kindest regards
Joost van Steen, Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with Alphen Stad FM 105.4 
FM  103.4 Cable
 in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands

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