[JPL] I Know it's too much to have expected but........

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At least the "70 year old rockers" actually played live (as opposed to lip-syncing), which is more than we can say for some of the acts in recent years.


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It was alright to have seen Detroit's Stevie and Denver's own India.Arie on
stage in a much too short set before Sunday's main event.
It was nice to see N'Awlins represented with Aaron and Mac, however once
Lady 'Ree began to sing, their presence was insignificant. Who was the brain
behind that coupling? It should've been a case of seperate but equal, not

I was dreaming of a Detroit All-Star Jazz Band with a group of past and
present schools of Detroit jazzers jamming at half-time, instead we got a
group of 70 year old rockers acting like teenagers in one of the worse
performances, both musicaly and sound wise, in the 40 years of super
sundays. My dream turned into a nightmare.

Baseball is the national pastime, football is the national passion and we
all know that jazz is the national patrimony yet jazz never receives the
r e s p e c t it merits on a national stage. The global corporations that
rule daily life have once again missed the bus.

Arturo Gómez
Music Director, Jazz 89-KUVO
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PS Today at 5pm, MTN time, the Curtis Fuller-Keith Oxman Ensemble performs
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own Capri Records most of you will be receiving soon. Check out the
brilliant liners by Benny Golson.    www.kuvo.org


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