[JPL] Coretta Scott King Funeral

McWilliams, Robert C radiobob at ku.edu
Tue Feb 7 22:04:39 EST 2006

I note that Lowery's comments led to a prolonged standing ovation from the audience of some 10,000....
not unlike the reaction to Bill Clinton, who pointedly noted Hurricane Katrina.
(also interesting was Jimmy Carter's timely comments on governement spying on and wiretapping both Dr. and Mrs. King).
For some reason, the current President looked uncomfortable.
Timely to play Larry Goldings' new recording of We Shall Overcome...(jazz content).
Bob McWilliams
Kansas Public Radio


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If you haven't yet seen today's funeral service for Coretta Scott King,
please do yourself a favor and catch a repeat on C-SPAN.  One of the most
poignant speakers was Rev. Joseph Lowery, President Emeritus of the
Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  A short excerpt:

"We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there," Lowery
said. His words were met by "oohs" and a long, loud applause. "But Coretta
knew, and we knew, there are weapons of misdirection right down here."

"Millions without health insurance, poverty abound. For war billions more,
but no more for the poor."

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