[JPL] Butterfield Blues Band...and speaking of Buzzy Feiten

Thomas M "Biz" Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Wed Feb 8 10:56:24 EST 2006

Jeff Turton wrote:

Anyone remember Full Moon ? Buzzy Feiten (who came in after Michael 
Bloomfield left) hooked up with Philip and I believe Neil Larson, 
Gene Dinwiddie and other Butterfield Band to form that band. I still 
love that first record they made, though it's been out of print for many years.

I wade in:

I don't remember Full Moon, but Buzzy did some great funky pickin' in 
'72 on what I believe was the last incarnation of The Young Rascals 
w/ Feliz Cavaliere. They switched from Atlantic to Columbia, 
shortened the name of the group to The Rascals and did an album 
called "The Island of Real." Among the players listed were the 
Woodstock Horns, ts - Charles Dinwiddie, as- David Sanborn and tp - 
Steve Madio. The addition of Robert 'Pops' Popwell on bass along with 
Feiten kicked the group into a MUCH higher gear than any of their top 
40 songs. Other guests included Joe Farrell with a nice soprano sax 
solo, Hubert Laws on flute, Marvin 'Manny' Stamm on flugelhorn, and 
Annie Sutton and Molly Holt on backing vocals. The disc has been 
remastered and rereleased on Sundazed.

Thanks Jeff. I'd forgotten all about the BBB connection. I haven't 
heard East-West or Pigboy in years. I've got a cd of BBB (their 1st?) 
with Bloomfield, Bishop and Sam Lay druming. I guess I'll have to 
start digging for the other 2.

Biz @ WNMC  (feelin' funky.....uh HUH!)

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