[JPL] Jazz Cubano - Irakere

Thomas M "Biz" Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Wed Feb 8 11:27:04 EST 2006

Hi all,

Arturo et al prompted this post. I recently took 
advantage of my Netflix sub to catch "Chucho 
Valdés & Irakere - Latin Jazz Founders series." 
This 2 hour flick is well worth adding to your 
rental list if you use this service. Chucho wrote 
monster parts for his horn men after they told 
him how much work they could handle. Holy bat 
guano were they GOOD!! Great interviews 
throughout the disc. A tip if you watch it and 
are Español impaired: Set the language to English 
w/ English subtitles on. You'll get the narrator 
in English but still get the players in Spanish 
w/ the subtitles. btw, I've put in a reissue 
request to Sony for a cd or so gleaned from the 
Irakere live session at the '78 Newport Jazz 
Festival. Feel free to go visit their site and do the same. :-)

Biz @ WNMC

ps. I'm still bugging Sony to reissue Maynard's 
"MF Horn 4 & 5 - Live at Jimmy's," too!

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